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We were so incredibly lucky to travel to Roatan, a small island off the coast of Honduras. It was a dream vacation mixed with the perfect amount of work and play. We got to snorkel in the second largest barrier reef in the world, snuggle with sloths, hang out with monkeys, sip on fresh Honduran coffee and so much more. One of my favorite parts of the day was watching our island guide chop down coconuts with a machete each morning for us to indulge in sweet, raw coconut water. My daughter LOVED it. See behind the scenes images.

Fun little fact - I once lived in Honduras! Between the years of 2006-2008 I lived in Santa Rosa de Copan, worked as a bilingual teacher and started up a non-profit as well. To say my roots run deep in this special country is an understatement. I can't explain how thrilled I was when the opportunity to take my family back to a place I hold so dear fell into my lap. When I lived in the mainland we would jump over to Roatan as often as we could to get a break from 70+ hour work weeks. The island sure has changed a lot in a decade, but the water and the people were still just as beautiful as I remember them.

A HUGE thanks to TITLE NINE for giving me this opportunity and for showcasing these photos in their catalog. This is an incredible company and I am so thrilled to be connected to them. Oh, did I mention they have THE BEST clothing for women, ever?! Go, shop now at:, or visit them on IG at:

And we want to give a shout out to a couple of our favorite places on the island: Chestnut Gourmet Coffee and IBAGARI boutique hotel. Lastly, and most importantly, a HUGE shout out to Kari Dworkin, our model, Kyle Mears, our behind the scenes photographer, and Marni Dworkin, our shoot assistant. I am forever grateful for all of your support on this dream boat shoot!

Now, check out our behind the scenes photos!




Baby carriers! If you have a baby/toddler then this is a MUST for you, moms AND dads! LÍLLÉbaby has quickly become a lead brand in the world of baby carriers and it's easy to see why. From their vast array of colors and patterns to their "easy on the back" design, these carriers have a lot more going on for them than the average baby tote.

We were so lucky to shoot with the wonderful women at LÍLLÉbaby this year. Aside from getting to photograph some seriously amazing product, we had a blast together and braved this beautiful, snowy backdrop in style!

Shop now at: LÍLLÉ, or visit them on IG at: @LÍLLÉ

Check out a few of our behind the scenes shots!

Fake baby? Real baby? You tell me. ;)

Limited Edition Mother's Day Sessions

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 Mother's Day Sessions will take place on May 20th. We know, that is the week after Mother's Day. We don't want to take away precious time on such a special day, so we are scheduling the shoot for the week after. It also gives that significant someone in your life a fun, little gift to hand to you personally on Mother's Day.


Want to send your partner, friend, special someone, etc. a little hint about the PERFECT Mother's Day gift for you this year? Email SRP by clicking HERE and we will get the message out for you. Scout's honor! Or, if you like to make sure things get done just how you like them, then take charge and book a session yourself! Either way, YOU deserve to be treated and have magical photos made of you and your children and that is just what we will do together!

To book: email Sarah at:, or text/call at 303.619.8945. A $50 deposit is due at the time of booking. The remaining balance will be due the day of your shoot.



1. Who can be in these photos?

 - Anyone! Ideally YOU (the mom), your children, and your partner will be posing for photos, but there are many options. This could also be a wonderful gift to give your own mother, or mother-in-law. Let them have their very own shoot with their grandchildren, or add them to the group. Either way, you end up with 10 gorgeous images to share with your family.


2. Where is the shoot taking place?

 - At Denver Photo Collective, a beautiful, natural light studio located in Lakewood.


3. What is the theme?

 - For the Mother's Day shoot, we want lots of bright, colorful flowers and greens. We are hiring a talented florist to decorate this beautifully lit space. For now, we would love to share our inspiration board with you via Pinterest. Click here to see what we have swirling around in our minds and to see our goal for this shoot.


4. Do you have a recommended wardrobe?

 - Yes! This is shoot is one of our fancier mini shoots and we hope you will enjoy dressing up! For some that might be their "Sunday best," or something you might wear to a spring, or summer wedding. Here at SRP we are always happy to assist you in wardrobe choices, once you book feel free to reach out via text or email if you would like any complimentary help!


Thanks so much for your interest! We hope to see you in May!

Sarah, Allie & Christina



The Studio Sale

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Studio Special Rules

1. DPC is a natural light studio, therefore, sessions must take place during daylight hours to ensure the best possible light for your photos.

2. This special may not be combined with any other SRP specials.

3. The special runs through the end of February only.

4. Due to time restrictions at DPC, shoots will last no longer that 50 minutes.

5. All other SRP sesssion rules and regulations apply.

Holiday Favorites

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Referral Program

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Meet The Team

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The Masterminds Behind The Brand





Get To Know Us ...




Thanks for dropping in and looking around. We can't wait to work with you!



Editing 101: Spot Healing Brush Tool

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Editing fun with SRP

The Wild West: A Life of Adventure

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Do you like pet chickens? Horses, dogs? How about the coolest cowgirl mama and her adorable children? Then you are going to love this shoot. Taken in Moab, Utah.


Feature Family Shoot

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The Knight Family

We all see the best photos from a family session, but what do they others look like? If you are anything like me then you like to see the whole package when you invest in something. I am so happy to share this entire gallery with you guys and I hope that you love it as much as we all do (the family pictured and myself)!

Uptown Minis

April 03, 2017  •  1 Comment


Instead of posing with bunnies or chicks this spring, put on your top hat and twirly dress and dance around uptown! And remember, mini shoots aren't just for little kiddos! Bring your teens over for some fun photos too! Tell your daughter to grab her friends, tell them to put on their prom dresses and dance around together for some memorable photos together! Or tell your son and his girlfriend to pop over and document the first time they ever fell in love. However they choose to take these photos, they will be an amazing memory for them to have forever.

Saturday, April 8th
10AM - 12PM


10 minutes

5 high resolution images

Sitters - 18 years old


This year's mini shoot will take place in the SRP studio! I will be sharing a Pinterest wardrobe inspiration board for those who sign up! The entire amount is due at the time of booking. Unfortunately, payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

To book email Sarah at, or call/text at 303.619.8945.

View the photos below for a glimpse of what you will receive when you sign up for the Uptown Mini!




Sarah Renee Photography Party

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Sarah Renee Photography, Denver Newborn Photographer, Denver Newborn Photography Come join us on Saturday, March 12th from 3-6pm for our studio relaunch and spring giveaway party! EVERY family that comes will receive a FREE $100 Gift Certificate to Sarah Renee Photography AND a complimentary spring themed photo taken of you and your family at the newly remodeled SRP studio!

Stay the entire time, or just drop in and say hello. There will be games for the little ones, adult beverages and family friendly snacks. Basically it is HAPPY HOUR!

Please email or text for address:

I can't wait to see everyone!

*Gift certificates may not be paired with any other offers, mini shoots, or discounted shoots. Must be used by December 31st, 2016. Each family receives one complimentary photo, more are available for purchase upon request.

Texas Wool & Denver Fabrics

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I have to give credit where credit is due and boy oh boy do these two places deserve to be in the limelight!

Wooooooooolllllllllll (I said, "wool" right there in case you didn't catch it). LIVING FELT is based out of Austin, Texas and they kind of know what they are doing. Not only do they have an amazing variety of wool and felting tools, THEY themselves are SO awesome! Their customer service is through the roof and they always add adorable little samples when they send you your goods. And they are fast. Super fast. I couldn't be happier with this company.

Curly wool, colored wool, fluffy wool ... they have it all.

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver Newborn Photographer, Wool

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver Newborn Photographer, Props, Newborn Photography

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver Newborn Photographer, Props, Newborn Photography

And here are a couple examples of Living Felt wool in use with my newborn photography! Isn't baby Chloe a doll?!

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver Newborn Photographer, Props, Newborn Photography

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver Newborn Photographer, Props, Newborn Photography


Next up is FANCY TIGER.

They are totally fancy, too. In the best possible way. They are located on Broadway in downtown Denver and they have a large selection of all things, well, awesome! I don't know how else to describe it, but when you take a step into their store you immediately feel creative and inspired. They have THE best collection of fabrics that I have ever seen. Such unique and timeless patterns. I pick up a lot of my newborn posing wraps here. They have an incredible staff team as well and everyone has always been especially friendly and helpful. Particularly for a girl who knows nothing about sewing. Check them out!

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver Newborn Photography, Denver Newborn Photographer, Fancy Tiger

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver Newborn Photography, Denver Newborn Photographer, Fancy Tiger

Miss Jacqueline is modeling the floral wrap I recently scored at Fancy Tiger. I cut off an end piece and made a matching headband! These are your colors, baby girl. So flattering.

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver Newborn Photography, Denver Newborn Photographer, Fancy Tiger

Thanks for stopping in and reading about two of my very most favorite places!

Sarah :)

Studio Tour and this gal named Nicole

February 16, 2016  •  4 Comments


Thanks for stopping in and taking a look at the Sarah Renee Photography studio! This is where the newborn magic happens. We recently remodeled our studio and I am so, so happy with the results. I had to call in a few people for help though ...

A gigantic "thanks" to my husband and father for all of their hard work. They did the big stuff! And my mama helped so much by hanging out with our little Hazelnut while we got to work! Next, a good friend and overall amazing gal, Nicole Edwards, came in and took on the role of "Interior Designer." She did not have to pretend or anything, she has a degree in it and so much experience that I could not possibly list it all. Nicole shared a board with me on Pinterest (much like I do with my clients) and we nailed down a color palette and an overall theme for the studio. She then went shopping with me (so many times) to help me pick out decor that stayed true to my studio vision. She also sent me loads of links to furniture, frames, rugs, etc to purchase online. Once we had all of the things, Nicole laid them out and spatially organized it all before she started hammering away on the walls. That was basically it. It was so simple (for me) and she pretty much rocked my little world. Well, they all did. Thanks mom, dad, love of my life, and Nicole. :)

I would like to quote my most favorite artist in saying,

"... someday when you get where you're going, you'll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there, and that will be the greatest feeling in the world." (Italics added)

The people who love me are the reason I am here and you're right, Taylor, it is a great feeling.

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver Newborn PhotographerOfficeWhere that editing stuff happens.

This is where I edit!

Sarah Renee Photography, studio, newborn photographer, denver newborn photographerStudioChanging station, mini stage and big stage!

Diaper changing station, mini white stage and other colorful newborn things I obsess over.

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver newborn photographer, Denver newborn photographyStudioStage!

A lot of magic happens here. It's quite large and can fit entire families on a couch, standing, sitting, etc!

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver newborn photographer, Denver newborn photographyFood TableAnd this is where a lot of food goes.

A view into the sitting area and food table.

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver newborn photography, Denver newborn photographerStudioFood!

Food table and photo wall! If I have been lucky enough to take photos of your little newborn then you know how much food is usually on this table! You don't need to worry about a thing at your session ... we have you covered.

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver newborn photography, Denver newborn photographerStudioRelax.

Sitting area. I'm working on filling those frames. I think they are waiting for memories to be made. ;) You can watch Apple TV in here, listen to music, SLEEP (it happens a lot), play the guitar (that happens too), or pull out all of the toys in the chest and play with your older kiddos!

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver newborn photography, Denver newborn photographerStudioWraps.

Wraps. Need I say more?

Sarah Renee Photography, Denver newborn photography, Denver newborn photographer

These are the cameras I use to take your photos! Just kidding, but that was funny.

Hats and bonnets and headbands and other fluffy things. If I could go one week without buying a new any of these then I could probably go on vacation. Oh well.

Photography Workshop

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You love taking photos, eh?

You should take them with me!

I'll show you lots and lots of cool stuff!

FREE Photo Shoot Give-Away!

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Free Photo Shoot Give-Away with Sarah Renee Photography and The Giggling Green Bean. Free Photo Shoot Give-Away

Yup! A FREE shoot! Not only a free, one hour shoot, you also get 20 fully edited digital images. Did I mention it was FREE!

Here is how you become eligible:

1. Make a purchase at The Giggling Green Bean (3929 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212).

2. Ask a sales person for the photo shoot give-away information sheet.

3. Fill it out. (It's really short).

4. Give it back to a sales person.

5. "Like" my page on Facebook. (

Bam! You are now in the drawing! You have TWO months to purchase something! It begins Saturday, April 12th and ends Saturday, June 14th. I will then pick a random entry and announce the winner on Sunday, April 15th. Woo!


1. You must follow all of the rules. :)

2. You can only enter once.

3. The free shoot may not be used towards a wedding, or a newborn shoot. It is a free one hour shoot, which would serve as a family shoot, senior portrait shoot, cake smash, child or baby shoot (3 months+), mini engagement shoot, etc.

Feel free to contact me with any questions! Shop away and enter to win!!

Sarah :)

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