Denver Newborn & Family Photographer | About
I’ve always seen life in still moments. Always. I believed I could capture the magic that seemed so fleeting and, in some small way, keep it forever. The emotions I get from looking at a photograph can be more powerful than the emotions I experienced at the time the photograph was taken. We often romanticize the past, and I think that’s okay.

I have been a professional photographer in the Denver area for over six years now. I feel fortunate that each year my business continues to grow and that I have made such amazing friendships with my clients. I am on this crazy journey of being a photographer and I love it. So. Much.

In college, I studied Spanish and Mass Communication. I learned about photography in a more photojournalistic style; I understood that I wanted each picture to tell a story. My education in Spanish took me places, good places that helped shape my eye for photography.

I started out doing family shoots, weddings, and newborns. And just like any other photographer I did my shoots for free until I began to build a portfolio and a better understanding of the learning curve each genre required. I won’t lie, the learning curve was huge. I got frustrated. I cried. I thought I would never learn enough, or learn it fast enough. I thought about giving up. But when you lie awake at night imagining scenes for the perfect photos, you can’t just give up. When you walk by something as simple as a light post during the day, and notice the way the light catches the edge and creates a spark, a shine, you know photography is your passion. I wanted to live my passion: I didn’t want it to simply be a hobby. I knew I had determination, vision, talent, and most importantly, people who believed wholeheartedly in my abilities to thrive as a professional photographer. For me, that was enough.

I have enjoyed photographing the beautiful and enthusiastic people of the great outdoor state of Colorado. There are so many amazing locations to shoot in the Denver area, and so many clients have been willing to trek a bit to take their photos in the middle of it all. I am an outdoor enthusiast, so when I am not taking photos, I am constantly looking for amazing locations for photo opportunities. For those who like to stay a little closer to home, I offer shoots in my studio, on-location in the city, and anywhere in between. I am happy to collaborate with clients on location ideas, to shoot at an exact place they have in mind, or to take the creative lead. Regardless of how we handle it, clients are always thrilled with their photos and the moments captured at our session!

Thanks for stopping in, I look forward to working with you!